As you will have probably already noticed, this is not a pay for membership site. Nor does it contain any explicit or hardcore photography. It is just somewhere for likeminded people who like and enjoy my photography can come and visit for inspiration, for fun or for whatever really.

Everything you see on the site, has been created or developed by me, quite often from scratch or without any previous knowledge. Whilst generally I find this satisfying and worth doing, the downside of creating everything yourself is you can make mistakes and get things wrong from time to time. Although it often annoys me when I do, I do also see it a part of the make up of this site and reflects what I have set out to do. Hopefully you do too and if you spot a bad link or something untoward then please do let me know.

I do update the site regularly and fairly often.  The majority of my updates will be either photo or video updates that will include a link to my BentBox page, where you can pay for and download full images set or video, if you would like too. 


I will also be posting more general updates or just related stuff that I find interesting ( to me at least). Sometimes I will post on how I am getting on or how I achieved some look, or something or other - especially if someone has asked me something via my contact page. 

Let me know what you think and thank you for visiting my fetish photo and videography website!  


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